Grand Opening

Selfie of wine tour clientsWelcome to the New Small Lot Wine Tours website. This is our very first blog. When you think about it, this blog is sort of like our grand opening. This is our party. As someone who has planned a party or two in my lifetime I like themes. So for the past month or so I’ve been racking my brain to find a theme that is worthy of being the GRAND OPENING for Small Lot Wine Tours. I thought about talking about wine tasting faux pas, or funny winemakers, or maybe just some of the crazy stuff that hospitality staff does and says to our guests. As I thought about each of these subjects and my experiences over the last five years of business I kept coming back to one subject, YOU. That’s right, all of you who visit our website, book tours, write reviews (even the bad one), are what have shaped and made Small Lot Wine Tours. YOU are what has enabled us to earn enough money to pay for our new website. Without YOU there is no Small Lot Wine Tours.

I am often asked about our craziest guests. Truthfully, most our guests are really cool and nice people. Many of you come back year after year. Many of you text me every now and then to talk about wine or to check in with me after the earthquake or to find out how the kids are. Over the past 5 years we’ve shared momentous occasions with our guests: proposals, anniversaries, engagements, honeymoons, job promotions, college graduation, and getting away from the kids. We’ve laughed and cried with our guests. We’ve shared many stories: happy, painful, political, musical, philosophical, funny and serious. During our day of sharing the small space that is the inside of a car we had the honor of learning about your kids, parents, pets, hometown, dreams, hopes, job, and of course, wine experience. In turn you’ve listened to our stories about parents, kids, hopes, dreams, job, dog, and our love of wine. More often than not by the end of the day we feel our relationship with our guests is that of friends more than business. As I’ve gone over my notes, pictures, and calendar from the past 5 years my heart is filled with great memories, love and gratitude.

The past 5 years have been an awesome ride. What a blessing it is that our job is to share our home with all of you. Each time we take guests on a tour or drive them to their favorite wineries, we are reminded of the beauty and wonder that is Napa and Sonoma. We don’t take it for granted. How fun is it that we get to convert beer drinkers to wine drinkers, white wine drinkers to red wine drinkers, and cheap wine drinkers to quality wine drinkers? What an honor it is to introduce you to the winemakers, winery owners, and entertaining and funny hospitality professionals that make up the fabric of this wonderful industry. But most of all, it’s awesome that your vacation is our job which sort of makes our job a vacation.

We look forward to the next 5 years. With this launch of our new website we plan on tweaking a few things so we can serve you better. We hope to see you all out here again and thank you for being a part of the Small Lot Wine Tours story.


The entire day was more than I could have asked for

Small Lot Wine Tours continues to be a fantastic asset to the Napa Valley! On a recent trip out to Napa, I called up Becky who hooked me up with another AMAZING tour of the Coombsville appellation region of the valley – a newer appellation that I had absolutely no experience and knew nothing about! No worries though, because the wines we tried were excellent! A little bit of background info – we are into the bigger, bold cabs – and it was super cool to be able to be shown wines that blew our expectations out of the water from a region neither of us had heard of!

Our driver, Brad was also the bomb diggity and showed us a great time!!! I would try and request him if you are looking to have a killer time and to learn some interesting side facts about the part of the valley you are visiting!

If you are looking to be shown some awesome hidden gems within the Napa area, I would tell you to waste no time in calling Becky and scheduling a tour with her super cool company, Small Lot Wine Tours!!! If you read my older review, know that her company has only gotten more awesome and really provides an excellent value and experience! Thanks again for showing us a fantastic time! Most definitely until next time!

— Tyler S., Denver, Co.

My wish was for a fun filled Christmas Eve birthday…

I contacted Becky because I was familiar with her vast knowledge with boutique wineries and quality wine. I trusted her judegement when it came to arranging a mystery tour. My guests and I all live in the Napa Valley we are familiar with many wineries and I’m a past employee of RMW.

We had a very delightful day. Our first stop was to Clif in St. Helena. They have yummy wines and food pairngs in the form of gourmet nuts and dried fruits. This was great fun. Our host was absolutely adorable and a delight.

Then we went to PB Hein Vineyards up n the St. Helena hills. We so enjoyed the hospitality of his family, wine and truffles. It was Christmas eve and he makes the most deicious gourmet truffles for his family and friends. We were all in wine and truffle heaven. He adores Becky and even asked her to return to celebrate Christmas at his home with his family.

Becky has a genuine hospitality nature. She surprised me by her choices. I’d definately hire her to take us on further tours.

— Tracy T., Napa, Ca.

Inside information: if you play an instrument you can carry, bring it.

Becky gave us a great tour and varied selection of wineries. We started at Porter Family in a part of Napa we didn’t know existed, and all of us are/were long time Napa residents. What a gorgeous spot this is. Started tasting rose in the garden, then a great wine cave tour with sit down at a table tasting inside. Inside information: if you play an instrument you can carry, bring it. The acoustics in the tasting room are phenominal. Second winery was Hunicutt. They just opened their new tasting facility 3 weeks ago. It’s lovely, the location looks and even smells like Tahoe. They have picnic tables and benches, and it was a lovely place to have our picnic lunch. Last was really exciting. Becky took us to the home of Aran Healy and Carlotta Wines. Aran is a real maverick in his approach to winemaking; it will be exciting watch his career grow. He poured for us in the back yard, and all his wines were wonderful. As we drove from winery to winery, Becky was able to tell us a little bit about each one. We had a warm, sunny September day to make this a truly perfect experience.

— Holly J., Cotati, Ca.

I decided for my 25th Birthday that I wanted to go out to Napa with a bunch of friends…

…primarily from college (many of whom live in the South Bay). While I was quite hesitant regarding getting a driver/tour guide it was the best decision. Becky was a fabulous tour guide, took what we wanted into account and then took us to a number of smaller wineries (which was what we wanted) that were FABULOUS. She has a great personality, is friendly and really helped the day be a success. Would 100% recommend Small Lot Wine Tours!!

— Mary Z., New York, NY