Since Friday I have been glued to my T.V. watching the devastation taking place in Texas.  On one hand my heart is heavy at the thought of so many of our friends and fellow Americans suffering and losing so much, on the other hand my heart is full watching people work together and help one another.  The Texas spirit has managed to make something so very awful become so very beautiful.

People from all over the USA and the world have helped grow our business, and we are eternally grateful to all of you who have chosen Small Lot Wine Tours.  But if you are in Napa or Sonoma, you owe a deep debt of gratitude to Texans.  Our little company has had doors opened and access to wineries we didn’t have before due to some very generous Texans.  These doors that have opened has helped us improve the quality of our tours and the wineries we visit so that all our customers can benefit.  The amount of wine that Texans buy from Napa and Sonoma wineries has literally kept many of them in business.  Everyone here in Wine Country wants to help our Texas friends.
We are a small business with a deep well of love, but with a shallow bank account.  We don’t have cash to give but we do have a service that can be used to raise money for Harvey’s victims.  Therefore during the month of September we are offering a Wine Relief Tour.  The Wine Relief Wine Tour take place in Napa or Sonoma and will give 15% of our earnings to an organization that directly helps Harvey’s victims.  We will visit wineries who have agreed to give a portion of their sales by our tour guests as well.  This creates two levels of giving just by taking a wine tour and buying some wine.
To book a Wine Relief Wine Tour  email and indicate you want a Wine Relief Tour or call 707-501-7954.
God Bless Texas!